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The Company

Uganda Safaris and Excursions is a registered company in Uganda and is fully licenced by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), the Ministry of Tourism in Uganda, the Uganda Tourist Board and the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO).
Our mission is to offer you tailored safari and excursion programmes that allow you to explore and enjoy not only Uganda but also its neighbouring countries in East Africa.

At the same time, we are strong advocates of ecotourism. As such we will guide you to stunning unspoiled destinations, where you can explore and experience the natural wealth of Africa and participate in amazing activities without undermining the environment or damaging it in any way. We work in harmony with our host communities, seeking always to protect and empower them, socially and economically.

We cooperate with USAGA (Uganda Safari Guides Association),  licenced guides and drivers who are fully familiar with each destination. All have attended seminars and classes to expand their knowledge of the local habitats and wildlife, as well as the principles and philosophy of ecotourism. O

With perfectly maintained and suitably designed vehicles for each excursion at their disposal, our experienced guides will spare no efforts to ensure your comfort and safety. Their basic training in automobile mechanics is purely a precaution, to reassure you that you are in good hands. Before you know it, our guides will become trusted companions that you can rely on at all times to answer questions and offer any assistance you might need.





Natalie Foster

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