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Karen Armstrong

Adrian organised the most fabulous safari for myself and my friends. We did 10 days driving around Uganda, seeing wonderful county-side as well as a hugely divergent variety of birds and animals. The gorillas were always going to be the highlight for me, but actually there were so many highlights! Adrian is a man of integrity. What he says he will do, he does.

I put my trust in him on the recommendation of a friend; and it was not misplaced. I'd be very happy to recommend him to everyone who wants to go to East Africa. He will organise a personal safari tailored to your needs or wants. Do tell him you want to stay at the Colonial Tea Plantation - it was another highlight! For me, Ethical Tourism is very important.

I want the money I pay to go directly to the people in the country I'm visiting, not a middle man in an office in a different continent, and this is what happened when I booked with Uganda Tours. Adrian ensured it was the 'holiday of a lifetime' and he worked hard to make sure that each of us had what we wanted - hot chocolate when we got cold, cold beers when we were hot, internet connections in the middle of nowhere and new flip flops when they broke! I'm sure you will have a wonderful holiday in Africa with Uganda Safaris!

Karen lives in Cairo Egypt




Natalie Foster

I visited Uganda and Rwanda with Adrian and a group of 6 friends in April 2012. It was one of the best trips I have experienced and every member of...

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